We came up with something for racing.

In order that the engine software can remain original and a modified exhaust system can still be installed for more power, the gasoline particulate filter must be removed.

This would usially lead to an emergency operation of the engine control.


 New since version 4.250:

Press on the settings-text "OPF-Delete Level 1" to increase the pressure which fakes the OPF.

Depending on the exhaust system and engine software, the DataDisplay may have to influence the OPF sensors differently.

Level 1 = Standard (just enough not to make an error)

Level 2 = Very slight increase in exhaust gas back pressure

Level 3 = Slight increase in exhaust back pressure

Level 4 = Mean increase in exhaust back pressure


From version 4.27X there are no more levels to choose from, level 3 is fixed here.

Note on the included connectors:

OPF Delete Connector




The exhaust gas pressure sensors for the gasoline particulate filter are located on the engine in the direction of the firewall.



A cable from the DataDisplay Controller must be connected to both signal lines (yellow cable) of the exhaust gas pressure sensors. In parallel, in addition to the line.

A cable must be soldered to the controller (caution, loss of guarantee on your own initiative!). If you ordered the DataDisplay and the OPF-Delete harness together, it is already soldered.

We recommend a 0.34mm² cable with a few cm length which is then extended inside. The controller can still be removed without a cable attached to it.

The cable must be soldered to pin 18. Remove the 4 Phillips screws on the housing. Carefully remove the controller from the housing. Strip the cable a little bit and put it through pin 18 from the top and solder on from the bottom.

Pin18 Controller

Put the controller back in the housing.


On the A-pillar not far from the DataDisplay Controller there is a cover through which a cable can be drawn into the engine compartment.



If you cannot find access to the exhaust gas pressure sensors, you can also follow the lines and connect them elsewhere.

The cable from the DataDisplay Controller must be split so that both exhaust gas pressure sensors can be connected (Y-cable).

With suitable "current thieves" (butt connectors) a very good parallel connection is achieved.



Wenn alles angeschlossen ist muss die Funktion OPF-Delete in den DataDisplay Einstellungen noch aktiviert werden.